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One of the things that makes Facebook very exciting is that you will find very interesting updates and news posted by your friends, the Facebook pages, and groups you joined.

Facebook Notification Settings

However exciting these may be, sometimes it can get very irritating when you begin to receive updates from irrelevant things that do concern you or interest you in any way.

The next thing you might want to do, as will anyone else, is to look for a way to turn the update notifications off.

Sadly, you can’t turn off the Facebook notifications on your account. However, you can control the notifications you receive from Facebook.

In this article, I will show you how to control and modify your Facebook notification settings.

What Does Facebook Notification Mean

Facebook notifications are updates about your activities on your Facebook account.

The notifications on Facebook cannot be fully turned off. What you are getting notifications about can be edited on the Facebook notification settings page.

With the notifications, you get informed about whatever is carried out. You will be notified about likes, comments, friend requests, invites, etc on your account.

Types of Facebook Notifications you can get

There are two major types of notifications you can receive from Facebook on your desktop or mobile device. These notifications are push notifications and pop-up notifications.

Push Notification: These are notifications you get from Facebook to encourage you to re-visit Facebook if you have not been using the site for some time.

These kinds of notifications are usually in the form of a message telling you just how many posts have been made by your Facebook friends.

Pop-Up Notification: This special kind of notification is designed for desktops. These notifications appear in the bottom-right corner of the display window.

You only get these notifications when you are logged in to your Facebook account on your PC. You can also get this kind of notification on your phone, but it will be in the form of a text message to your mobile number.

Before you can set up notifications for your Facebook account, you must first own one.

Facebook Account – Signing Up for a Facebook Account

A Facebook account is basically free to create if you have an email account or a mobile phone number.

With your account, you have access to different things within the platform. Follow the simple guidelines below to create a Facebook account.

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  • Go to facebook.com or launch the mobile app for Facebook.
  • Enter your first name and surname.
  • Select your birthday and type in your phone number or email ID.
  • Indicate the gender of the new account and create a password.
  • Hit “Sign Up.”.
  • A new account would be created immediately and a verification code or email would be sent. Verify ownership of the account with any of the options. You can alternatively log in if you have an account that you want to make the changes to.

Logging into your Facebook Account

Creating an account is free and most people already have one, so if you have one, you can log in. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to log in:

  • Proceed to the Facebook website at facebook.com or open the app.
  • Fill in your email address or your mobile number, which you used to create your Facebook account, and your password.
  • Then hit “Log In.”.
  • If your Facebook account email, phone number, and password match, you will be logged in to your Facebook account on the device you are using.

How to Edit your Facebook Notification Setting

  • The process is very simple and fast. Editing your Facebook notification settings can be done by following the steps below.
  • Log in to your Facebook account by following the steps above if you haven’t done so.
  • On your Facebook account, go to the settings page.
  • If you are using a desktop, hit the “notifications” tab on the left column. If you are using a mobile device, locate the notification page.
  • On this page, you can edit your Facebook notifications however you like. The notification settings you can edit include notifications on Facebook, email, and mobile. You can also edit the text message notification on this page.

Facebook Notification Not Working

As you know, most times when we miss out on notifications on the platform, we get very unpleased.

When it comes to figuring out why your account fails to send push notifications, it is not that easy. There could be multiple reasons. First, make sure the application notification is turned on.

Then try clearing the cache from the Facebook and Messenger apps. Lastly, check if there are any background restrictions on the app or if your power-saving mode is hindered.

Power-saving mode most times hinders push notifications on your smartphone.

Here’s how to fix the problem on your smartphone:


  • Open your phone settings, scroll down, and tap on “Accounts and sync.”
  • Then check if your Facebook account is configured on the device. If it’s not configured, tap on “Add Account” and fill in your Facebook credentials.
  • In the right section, tap on the 3-dot icon. Then check if your auto-sync is enabled. Enable Auto-Sync and tap “OK” to confirm the selection.

On Phone;

  • Open your iPhone settings and scroll to the installed apps on the phone.
  • Tap on “Facebook” and select “Push Notifications.”.
  • Then enable it with the toggle.


How do I update the settings for Facebook notifications?

To update your FB notifications, do the following:

  • Select your feed.
  • Select Settings and Privacy.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Notification Settings.

After doing so, select the option to change the way you receive notifications and how you are notified.

How do I mute Facebook notifications?

How to enable or disable Messenger notifications:

From chat, simply hold down the chat.

Select Mute notifications and select how long you want to deactivate notifications for.

Select OK.

Why would a user disable their notifications?

Notifications are among the most unpleasant aspects of smartphones. Simply disabling it lets you lower your phone addiction while still having access to all the mobile apps you utilize


Facebook notification is a feature that keeps you updated about activities on Facebook.

Once the feature is enabled, you will receive information about what happened on Facebook. You will receive details about comments, likes, friend requests, invites.

With the notifications, you get informed about whatever is carried out. You will be notified about likes, comments, friend requests, invites, etc on your account.

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