See Facebook Private Photos


Pictures posted on the Facebook social media are for the consumption of the people in the friend’s list. In some cases, some people decide to keep some of their photos private, this article aims at helping you with how to see Facebook private photos of anyone on Facebook.

See Facebook Private Photos

From the creation of the Facebook social media in February 2004 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States, the site has been on various series of updates in order to be able to host the millions of people signing up per day.

The consequence of the increased number of users on that platform is that it poses a lot of threat to the security and privacy of the site. To curtail these security threats, Facebook is endlessly working to ensure the site is safe.

This safety is mostly ensured through the steps taken by the Facebook team to make sure that each individual account registered on their site is as private as possible. Nevertheless, measures can still be taken to see Facebook private photos.

In other words, if it is possible to keep one’s friends list private it is equally possible to also keep one’s photos private. Note that privacy some times can be invaded; this implies that you can view people’s documents even if they kept it private.

1. Access Hidden phots With Facebook ID

You will learn how to get Facebook owner ID to view private Facebook photos here.

1. Go to the timeline of the person you want to check its hidden photos and copy the URL. It should be like

2. Visit this site; Paste the URL you copied from the target’s timeline to the box and click the submit button to get Facebook owner ID.

3. Copy the link and paste into any browser to add Facebook owner ID you get on the /facebook_id/

2. See Facebook Private Photos Without Being Friends

This method will quickly show you how to access a person’s profile and photos without being friends with them on Facebook.

1. Head to the Facebook profile of the user whom you want access to the private pictures.

2. You should get straight to their profile and fetch their username from the profile address.  It can be

3. Replace the username into yours in the link as done here:

4.  The final address should look like after replacing the link mentioned above.

3. See Facebook Private Photos Without Programming Language

Reasons for which photos are kept varies with people, if you are very eager to view a friend’s photo that has been kept private, you can always ask them to grant you access and, if they refuse, you will be guided on how to go about this.

Let us quickly way of invading people’s private photos without employing programming languages.

See part of their profile information on Facebook

1. Ensure that the person you want to see his/her private photos is your friend on Facebook. Search for them on the search bar on the Facebook homepage.

2. Send them a message, you might want to make the message as friendly as possible. Do this by clicking on “Add a personal message”.

3. Once they answer, no matter what they will say, you are able to go to their Facebook profile and view private Facebook photos on their page.

If the person refuses to accept the friends request you sent them or replied the message you sent them which should make you and them friends automatically, try out the second way below;


Create a fake Facebook account to access private Facebook photos

You can create an identity the person will recognize and accept via a fake Facebook account if you don’t want to add the said account with your main Facebook account.

1. Check the bio preview box by clicking View Friends. Find someone who does not have a profile picture loaded.

2. Sign up another Facebook account using the same exact name of the friend you found without an image.

3. With this fake Facebook account, add as many friends as you are targeting and make friends with them.

4. Finally, you have the choice to go back and click on “Add Friend”. This will help you to add your targeted people and it gets easy for them to accept. If this pulls through, you can now view the hidden photos on Facebook of the person you targeted.

See Facebook Private Photo Using Chrome Extension

You can view a persons pictures on the Facebook social media platform using a chrome extension called PictureMate, lets see how;

First and foremost, ensure that PictureMate is “enabled” in Chrome Extensions prior to try it.

1. Head to Chrome web store and search for PictureMate in the upper left search box.

2. When you find the PictureMate, click on the Add To Chrome option, this may take time to add.

3. Move to the target’s Facebook profile.

4. Tap on “PictureMate” on the right of the address bar and then click VIEW PHOTOS WITH ADS.

5. Hit the SKIP AD button in upper-rignt corner of a newly opened window.

You are good to go.

I trust you found this helpful. Do drop us a thumps-up and visit the comment session for any suggestion or questions.

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