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Facebook is currently one of the best social media platforms. This platform allows uses to connect with friends and loved ones.

Facebook Security Settings
Facebook Security Settings

Year in year out, hundreds of users sign in to the Facebook social media platform. The more users on the platform, the greater the emphasis on protecting every single account registered on the platform.

From time to time, you see some of your Facebook friends post things like; “Please friends, add me back through this account, my other account has been hacked”.

Most times they call you over the phone to inform you of the tragedy that has struck them as their account has been stolen from the.

It is of course very painful to loose an account that took you years to build, to lose the friends and audience you had acquired over the years on being an active member on Facebook.

Indeed, the increase at which people’s accounts are being compromised and invaded has been alarming. Therefore, the Facebook team has put necessary things in place to curtail this problem of account invasion.

With these measures, Facebook users have nothing to be afraid of as regards the security of their accounts, provided they follow pay keen attention to the Facebook security settings.

In essence, Facebook has taken measures to ensure their platform is well secured. That notwithstanding, it is of a truth that hackers will make attempts to hack and steal your Facebook account.

The best way to secure your account is to take advantage of all the security settings Facebook has put in place to prevent your accounts from being stolen.

This is a quick article on how to secure your Facebook account with Facebook security settings.

Change Your Facebook Security And Login Settings

In your Facebook account settings, Facebook allows you to adjust your security and login settings. To do this, click the “Account and Login” link in the left-hand column.  Here you can set the following:

Choose Friends to Contact if You Get Locked Out

This feature was made by Facebook to help users get back to their account anytime they get locked out through their trusted friends.

Facebook recommends that any user nominate 3-5 of his trusted friend’s contacts. The friends you select will be able to receive a recovery code with a URL that can allow you to get back into your account.

Where You are Logged in

This feature keeps the record of everywhere you are currently logged in or previously logged in including the logging time, device name, and IP address.

It’s advised that you log out all sessions to keep your account safe.

Login – Facebook Security

Here you are able to change your account password and set your account to login with your profile picture.

It advised you use a strong password combination when changing your account password.

Also, setting your account to login with your profile picture might be risky as anyone can access your account easily once they can get your device. So it’s better you turn it off.

Facebook Security | Two – Factor Authentication

This feature allows you to log in with a special security code anytime you are accessing your account on a new browser or device. Here you will be shown seven different options you can choose from.

  • However, you can still review the devices where you won’t need a code before you log in.
  • Setting this feature is a good one; it will help keep your account safe from a hacker.
  • Other settings you can make in this section are
  • Setting your account to send alerts to you if anyone logs in a browser or device you don’t normally use.
  • You can also add extra security to your notification emails from Facebook that only can decrypt.

Privacy Settings

  • Here you can adjust settings on your activity and how people find and contact you. This part of your account helps you to maintain your privacy on the site.
  • In the “Your Activity” section, you can make changes to who sees your future post.
  • Review all the post you were tagged in and limited audience for a post you have shared in public or with friends of friends.
  • The other section tagged “How People Find You and Contact You” is where you can change settings on the following:
  • Who can send you a friend request?
  • Users Who can see your friend list?
  • Who can look you up using the email address linked to your account?
  • Do you want a search engine outside Facebook to link to your profile?
  • You can use these settings to adjust how you want people to locate you anywhere on the internet and on Facebook

That’s all on Facebook Security Settings. I hope this article was helpful?

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  1. I constantly get a login alert for the app that I usually use and don’t seem to get notification through to Facebook that the app is correct and the only one I use. Is there any way I can get Facebook to recognise my login app.


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