Facebook Dating Profile 2021: Facebook Dating | Facebook Dating App


Two out of five people would rather sit in the comfort of their homes and find a romantic partner than go out in search of love.

Are you one of the two? It’s okay to find a romantic partner through the internet to this effect, Facebook has created a dating feature.

Facebook Dating Profile 2021

Facebook is known for its numerous features including the messenger app but Facebook hasn’t been known to have a dating feature. Lately, it has come to the notice of users that a dating feature has been included in the social media platform

Facebook’s chances of prospering in this highly competitive sector is the question popping in the minds of users. Luckily the new feature has been observed to be going along really well.

Reviews didn’t take time to be released and most of it has been positive. The feature has left users who have been fortunate to make use of it impressed.

Here are a some information to keep at the back of your mind before using the Facebook dating future just so you can get the best of the app

What you need to set up a dating profile on Facebook

This is the most important question to ask because it is not straightforward as opening a Facebook account.

To start with, Facebook dating profile page has to contain your details. You will see when you have visited the network through this profile.

To set up a profile on this feature isn’t exactly difficult. Bear in mind that Facebook dating is a feature included in the Facebook platform and not an app on its own.

This balls down to the fact that creating a personal profile on Facebook is the only way through which dating features can be assessed.

To create a Facebook account log on to www.facebook.com

Another thing to consider is; the feature can only be assessed by users in supported regions. Yes, sadly since the feature is still very new, it is yet to be made available in most part of the world.

If you find yourself in a region where the Facebook dating feature is not available, you will have to wait for it to be made available. However, if it is supported i.e available in your region, you can proceed to create a profile.

How to set up a dating profile on Facebook

Your personal information is generated from your Instagram or Facebook account and put together to make up your Facebook dating profile.

Information that will be generated will include your name, age, sex, profile picture, and a few others.

To start setting up your Facebook dating profile log on to www.facebook.com/dating or if you prefer: select on the dating icon from your Facebook account.


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