Facebook Dating Account – Facebook Dating for All Singles (2023 Guide)

Are you aware of the newest Facebook dating feature? Do you understand how Facebook dating works? Do you own a Facebook dating account? If you answer ‘no’ to the above questions, then you are missing out on the fun.

The Facebook dating feature is now available with the special secret crush tool. So, how does Facebook dating?

Facebook Dating Account

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The newly launched Facebook feature is focused on dating. This service is known as the Facebook dating feature. It is the most effective and fastest way to create a relationship and find lasting love with someone who shares your goals, objective and philosophy.

Facebook Dating Account

The Facebook dating feature is available on the Facebook platform. The Facebook dating platform has no separate app. It has to do with safety, inclusiveness and security. It is a deeply personal business, built with the idea of creating a deeply enriching relationship.

The platform is secure and solid, and you can report or block whoever you think is not conforming to the rules of the dating service.

Facebook dating offers a safe way to interact with others. Payments, links, photos, and videos, are banned from being sent through messages on Facebook dating. This gives you less to worry about spam and internet scam. To access the Facebook platform, you have to get a dating profile.

How to Create the Facebook Dating Account

The steps on how to create a Facebook dating account are listed below:’

  • First, you will have to update the Facebook iOS or Android app to ensure you are using the latest version.
  • Then Facebook dating will appear in the new tab, which is located in the main menu of the Facebook app.
  • Go there and opt into Facebook dating and create a dating account (profile).
  • Fill in your personal details like your religion, height, degrees and education, job title, etc.
  • Then Facebook will suggest pictures and information from your Facebook profile.
  • And you must bear in mind that you must be up to 18 years or older before you can use Facebook dating.

How to Delete your Facebook Dating Account

The process of eliminating and canceling your Facebook dating profile is simple if you are tired of the Facebook dating service and decide to delete your dating account completely.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to the Facebook app on your iOS or Android devices.
  • Click on the menu (three horizontal lines) at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down and tap Dating, then click on Settings at the top menu.
  • On the settings menu, tap on General, then Account.
  • Tap on Delete Profile. Then if you wish, you can type the reason for deleting your dating account, or you can select a reason.
  • Tap Next, and you will be taken to a page where you will be asked to take a break instead of fully deleting your account.
  • If you would want to take a break, you can select the take a Break option.
  • If you want to delete your dating account completely, you will have to select Delete Account.

When this is successfully done, you will be able to wipe away your Facebook dating profile, conversation and account data.

That is it on setting up and deleting your Facebook Dating Account. Do well to share this information with others.


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