Facebook Dating Countries 2023 (Access Facebook Dating for Free)

Facebook Free Dating App | Facebook Dating Countries: The Facebook App is a totally free avenue for singles to meet with their spec and potential matches and date.

Facebook Dating App Is Free For Single

This dating feature happens to be the latest feature that Facebook has launched and has also rolled out this season.

The essence of Facebook dating was to create a platform majorly for singles to help ease their love-finding efforts whenever they are ready to date.

The idea of face-to-face wooing has been very difficult for male folks, and for this reason, a lot of them prefer online dating.

Perhaps, online dating on social media allows singles to get a perfect match. So, if you are single and you are in search of love, Facebook dating is highly recommendable.

Facebook Dating App Is Free For Singles

Having access to the FB dating platform is not a difficult task to take on. In fact, you can do that with your normal Facebook app. It is the surest way to locate and access the platform.

When the dating feature was first created and launched, it was clearly stated that the feature was not for hookups. That, however, has not been possible as singles have made good use of the feature for their hookups.

But it was developed to allow singles to build meaningful and long-term relationships. There are other dating social media platforms like Tinder that do the same thing.

Fortunately, the dating site is built such that singles do not have to go through the tedious route of downloading a separate app. Rather, you can access the platform perfectly from your personal FB account without downloading a separate app.

Facebook Free Dating App

Don’t fall into the trap of internet fraudsters that would ask you to make some payment to subscribe to the dating site because dating on the  FB social media platform is free.

The service allows you to locate your perfect match using the app. If you are interested in Facebook dating, then you may have the privilege of meeting new people whom you have not met before.

It is true that Dating on Facebook is free, but there is no stand-alone app for FB  dating. The dating feature is an inside app available in all FB apps.

You can download any of the Facebook apps if you don’t have any, create a personal account and option into the FB dating platform.

On the dating application, you can send likes and messages to people you are interested in. Once someone likes you back, you will match and can start chatting in dating. You can learn more about the tips to help you stay safe when using Facebook dating.

Difference Between Facebook Dating And Facebook

Facebook dating is different from a normal Facebook profile account in different ways. Don’t forget that both are on the same social media platform, Facebook. FB profile has a separate app, while the dating feature is an inside application inside the Facebook app.

Some of the differences  between the two are;

  • You can access the dating from your FB account. But your dating profile is different from your FB profile
  • Your current FB friends and anyone on a normal FB profile can not see your dating profile. This is why your dating activities do not appear on your newsfeed
  • Dating conversations are  separate from conversations on Facebook messenger
  • You can delete your dating account without deleting your personal account. However, deleting your FB account will automatically delete your dating profile.

Note that if you make friends on FB dating, your matches or suggested matches in dating will be able to see your dating profile.

Download Facebook Dating App For Singles Now

Facebook Dating Countries – Who Can Use Facebook Dating

You can have access to FB dating from your current FB account on your device. Facebook dating is for adults (18 years +) who have an active FB account.

The dating service is currently not available for everyone. You can usually create a dating profile if you live in one of the following countries and meet all other requirements to use Facebook dating.

Countries where FB dating is available are:

  1. Argentina
  2. Austria
  3. Belgium
  4. Bolivia
  5. Brazil
  6. Bulgaria
  7. Canada
  8. Chile
  9. Colombia
  10. Croatia
  11. Cyprus
  12. Czech Republic
  13. Denmark
  14. Ecuador
  15. Estonia
  16. Finland
  17. France
  18. Germany
  19. Guyana
  20. Hungary
  21. Italy
  22. Iceland
  23. Ireland
  24. Laos
  25. Liechtenstein
  26. Lithuania
  27. Luxembourg
  28. Malaysia
  29. Malta
  30. Mexico
  31. Netherlands
  32. Norway
  33. Paraguay
  34. Peru
  35. Poland
  36. Portugal
  37. Philippines
  38. Singapore
  39. Slovakia
  40. Slovenia
  41. Suriname
  42. Thailand
  43. United Kingdom
  44. United States
  45. Uruguay
  46. Vietnam

Living in any of the following countries automatically means that you have access to Facebook dating platforms.

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