Facebook Dating App Download 2024 (Facebook Dating Free Home)

Facebook Dating feature helps users create a separate dating profile, connect with potential matches based on shared interests and groups, and engage in meaningful conversations. It provides a more authentic and focused dating experience by making use of the information Facebook already has about its users.

Learn more about Facebook Dating below!

Facebook Dating App Download 2024

As everyone knows, Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook with the help of his Harvard College buddies and colleagues Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

The platform has a humble beginning, as its membership is only restricted to Harvard students. It soon became so popular globally that billions of people use it daily.

As much as the Facebook website is reaching the end of the world, it is going through a series of evolutions and improvements. Features are being introduced from year to year.

Apart from the fact that you want to make new friends on this platform, you should also consider the benefits you stand to gain from the various Facebook features and plugins.

As mentioned earlier, many new features have been added to the Facebook app. The features include a Facebook marketplace, Facebook dating, Facebook games, Facebook avatar, etc.

These features allow Facebook users to connect with their loved ones. These features equally enhance flexibility on the platform. So, anyone anywhere in the world can enjoy themselves on the site.

With the Facebook dating app, there is an opportunity to build relationships and hook up. Read below for more about the Facebook dating app.

facebook dating app
Facebook Dating App Download

What is Facebook Dating Free?

The Facebook dating app is limited to some countries. We hope, with time, it will be expanded to other countries. The age required for one to qualify to access the Facebook dating app is eighteen and above. Facebook users are allowed to use the platform exclusively.

To access Facebook dating, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a Facebook account in good standing that is at least 30 days old.
  • Live in a country where dating is available.
  • Countries include the following:
    1. Argentina
    2. Austria
    3. Belgium
    4. Bolivia
    5. Brazil
    6. Bulgaria
    7. Canada
    8. Chile
    9. Colombia
    10. Croatia
    11. Cyprus
    12. Czech Republic
    13. Denmark
    14. Ecuador
    15. Estonia
    16. Finland
    17. France
    18. Germany
    19. Guyana
    20. Hungary
    21. Italy
    22. Iceland
    23. Ireland
    24. Laos
    25. Liechtenstein
    26. Lithuania
    27. Luxembourg
    28. Malaysia
    29. Malta
    30. Mexico
    31. Netherlands
    32. Norway
    33. Paraguay
    34. Peru
    35. Poland
    36. Portugal
    37. Philippines
    38. Singapore
    39. Slovakia
    40. Slovenia
    41. Suriname
    42. Thailand
    43. United Kingdom
    44. United States
    45. Uruguay
    46. Vietnam

The Facebook dating feature is currently being rolled out to other nations around the world. Hopefully, soon, it will be available everywhere.

Facebook may restrict which Facebook accounts can access dating. If you can’t access it or no longer have access to dating, it might be because:

  1. You are not 18 or older.
  2. If you have a new or inactive account,.
  3. A breach of Facebook’s Terms of Service, Community Standards, and other policies.

Facebook Dating App Free for Singles

The Facebook dating app is a platform you can use to hook up, flirt, and get into a romantic relationship with other Facebook users. It is separate from your main Facebook account.

Facebook Dating is an online dating service developed by Facebook. There is currently no web version; it is only available from the Facebook mobile app on Android and iOS.

The feature is free and available to mature singles. It is a nice space within Facebook that makes it easier to meet and start new conversations with people who share your interests.

How to find Facebook Dating within the Facebook App

If you’re eligible for Facebook Dating, you can access it using the steps below:

  • Log into the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  • Tap the menu icon (the three horizontal lines)
  • Tap the Dating icon.
  • From there, you can create a Facebook Dating profile.
  • You can also access Dating by typing “Facebook Dating” into the search bar of your Facebook app and tapping the Facebook Dating shortcut.

Note: Dating is only available on Facebook apps for Android and iPhone. You won’t be able to access Dating on your computer.

Facebook Dating Site

The Facebook Dating site cannot be operated on a web browser or via a link. It is not a separate app that can be downloaded. Instead, you can access the dating feature from the updated version of the Facebook mobile application only.

All that is required is to update your Facebook mobile app and log in to your account. Then go to see more options on the Facebook menu page. There, you can get the Facebook dating feature.

Features of Facebook Dating

Using the Facebook dating feature comes with some features. They include:

  • Stories sharing via linked accounts: Users can get their shared stories from their Instagram and Facebook accounts to their Facebook dating accounts. This means your account can be linked to your Instagram and Facebook profiles.
  • Live locations: In the chat room with other users, live locations can be shared within themselves. This is meant to provide security among users.
  • Secret Crush: The secret crush feature allows users to add up to nine of their Facebook friends. This is normally not allowed by default. You will have to add them to your secret crush list, and they will add you to theirs before you can get matched to them.

Facebook Dating Home 

As stated earlier, users are required to sign up for an account on Facebook dating. This can be done via the steps below:

  • Launch the Facebook mobile app.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • From the homepage, tap on the menu icon.
  • Tap on the “see more” options.
  • Then tap on Dating.
  • You will be required to create a Facebook dating account from this page.
  • Fill in your gender and location to continue.
  • Then put in place 12 tiles or get answers to the questions on the page.
  • Add some pictures of yourself to let others know who you are or how you look.
  • Select your match preferences and tap Continue.

After this step, your account will be created and ready to use. You will have to tap on the love icon to notify an interest in a user. Otherwise, you can skip the user by tapping on the cancel sign (X).

Facebook draws its features from other dating apps in the market. It has a secret crush feature and an event or group column where you can find users willing to connect. This feature can share your location and enable you to pair with other users around your locality. It also has a safety feature and allows you to combine it with Instagram.

Safety Tips While Using the Facebook Dating App

You are always the best judge of your own safety, and these guidelines are not meant to replace your own discretion. But you will do well to follow them.

When meeting someone on the Facebook dating platform, make sure you:

1. Share Carefully

In your Facebook Dating profile or chat messages with someone, do not include your last name, financial information, email, home address, phone number, place of work, or any other identifying information. Report or block anyone who requests this type of personal information from you or anyone who appears suspicious.

2. Watch out for Scams

Scammers may use fraudulent or compromised accounts to dupe you into handing over money or personal information.

If you receive a message that you believe is a scam, do not respond and report the sender to Facebook.

Some common warning signs of a scammer include:

  • Wants to leave Facebook Dating immediately and communicate via personal email or instant messaging.
  • Claims to be in love quickly in order to persuade you to speak with them.
  • Plans to visit, but something bad happens, and plans are cancelled.

Scammers may attempt to convince you to wire money or send gifts. They may request funds to cover travel expenses, medical emergencies, hotel bills, hospital bills, or visas.

Any online lover whose interest is money is most likely a scammer.

3. Don’t Send Money

Never respond to any requests for money, wire transfers, or donations.

4. Get to know the person before you meet for the first time.

Make sure you are always safe.

5. Stay safe when meeting someone in person

Here are some suggestions to help you stay safe:

  • Tell someone about your plans
  • Meet and stay in public
  • Monitor any alcohol or substance consumption
  • Make sure your phone is charged
  • Arrange your own transportation

6. Feeling uneasy or unsafe

If you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime or is in immediate danger, contact local law enforcement for assistance.

If you ever feel pressured or uneasy, you can:

  • End the date and arrange your own transportation home.
  • Block anyone who makes you feel uneasy.
  • Report anyone you think is suspicious.

Make sure you use the Facebook Dating app safely. Thank you.

Facebook Dating is unavailable

The main reason why the Facebook dating app is not available is because of your age, which has to be over 18, or the country in which you reside. Ensure you are in a country that is approved to use the Facebook dating platform.

In addition to the US, Facebook Dating is currently available in 19 other countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Singapore, Suriname, Thailand, Uruguay, and Vietnam. It will be in Europe by early 2020. Learn more at facebook.com/dating.

Here are the most popular reasons why this feature is unavailable to you:.

  1. You are below 18 years of age. To utilize Facebook Dating, you must have a minimum of 18.
  2. You are not using the most recent version of the app.
  3. You haven’t turned on location permission. Facebook Dating may only work properly if you allow the app to access location permissions.
  4. You can try to access Facebook Dating from a PC. This feature is only accessible via mobile devices.
  5. You are residing in an ineligible country.
  6. Your internet connection is not stable.
  7. Facebook has server issues.


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