Facebook Account Disabled How Long 2023

If your Facebook account got disabled for whatever reason and you want to know how you can re-enable it and how long it will take, this Facebook account disabled how long guide is just the appropriate answer to your question.

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Facebook Account Disabled How Long

When one is having difficulty accessing his/her Facebook account, two things are likely the cause; it could be a temporal lock-up, the result show “account disabled“. This can be sorted out when you provide adequate answers to security questions.

The second is a permanent disabling of an account. Such an account shows a “permanently disabled Facebook account“. It can NEVER be retrieved, in fact, the remedy is to open another Facebook account.

Before you continue, ensure that the result you saw when trying to log on is ‘account disabled’, if it shows ‘permanent disable’ this post is not for you then, cos there is really no way to retrieve a permanently disabled account.

The disabling of Facebook accounts has been alarmingly on the increase. What could be the cause of this? Let’s see.

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Why Was My Account Disabled

Facebook is continually working to ensure that the site is convenient for all its users. To this effect, there are certain flags that point to an account for disablement, Let’s see them.

    • Making a post that doesn’t tally with the Facebook Terms.
    • Impersonating another person’s account.
    • Using a fake profile name
    • Chatting other users up to promote, advertise items not permitted in the site, or harass other users.
    • Being reported by other Facebook users.
    •  Facebook by Violating the standards of the Facebook Community by acting in a way abominable on the platform.
So, before we consider the Facebook account disable for how long, it would be best we first consider how to retrieve the account.

How To Re-enable My Facebook Account

There are only one means to recover a disabled Facebook account. The means in question is simply Submitting an Appeal to the Facebook Community. Follow the steps below;

Step 1: Visit the Facebook site, you will be directed to a page where you will be required to provide your Email or Phone number and your login password. Fill that in.

Step 2: Click the login button to continue. This will take you to the “my Facebook account has been disabled” option.

Step 3: A page will load open showing a form you should fill. Go ahead and fill the form.

Step 4: Importantly, you’ll be required to upload your Valid government-issued ID like a Passport or Driver’s license, but, it must contain either your name, photo, and date of birth.

 Below are examples of what you can use divided into two categories:

Category 1: government-issued proof/photo ID

    • Voter ID card
    • Birth certificate
    • Driver’s license
    • Marriage certificate
    • Passport
    • Personal or vehicle insurance card
    • Green card, residence permit or immigration papers
    • Tax identification card
    • Official name change paperwork

Category 2; This category is necessary when does not have any item in the first category

    • Credit card
    • Bank statement
    • Utility bill
    • School ID card
    • Library card
    • Health insurance
Stage 5: When you are done with the upload, quickly click on the ‘Send’ button.

After submitting the form, what’s next? this takes us to the purpose of this article.

How Long I Wait To Get My Account Back

Once you submit your proof, you have patiently till you hear from the Facebook team.

By means of a response from the team, your account will be reactivated for you. This may take 2-7 days.

Ensure you check your email inbox where you have connected to that particular Fb account from time time. You’d likely get details about your account activation status or rejection status.

Better still, log in to your Fb account so that you can know whether it is still disabled or got reactivated.

Avoid submitting more than one proof at a time. Just submit once and wait. Don’t submit fake proofs just to recover disabled accounts. It doesn’t work!


If your username doesn’t match exactly with your proofs, you can submit real proof and explain your problem clearly in that form by using “Additional info”, convince them about why you used a fake name, promising to use a real name henceforth.

List Of Reasons For A Disabled Personal Facebook Account

Potentially dangerous Or Offensive Content

Facebook prevents its users from uploading or posting any content that encourages hostility, racial prejudice, infringement, porn, profanity, and hateful content in the community.

The following is content that violates Facebook’s regulations.


This includes tagging other users for harassment, incitement or any content publicizing pornography.

Personal Data

Use private images and videos of someone else on your account without their approval or impersonating other people.

Threatening and abusive content

Facebook discourages its users from posting injurious content. Commonly offensive content could include suicide ideation images, self-injury, pornographic, verbal abuse, harassment, and child exploitation.

Violence and Crime

Facebook deletes all groups, pages, accounts, and actions identified as violent or supporting terrorism, hostility, and empowering crime.

Fake Account

If someone finds you utilizing their personal identity without prior consent, that person has the right to take over or hit the “report” button on your Facebook account.

Abusive and Hateful Comments

Facebookers have been disseminating hateful comments. Facebook officials have the authority to take action against those FB accounts.

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