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There have been a lot of harassment on the Facebook social media platform as some users woo their friends on the platform not knowing they are engaged, married, or not just ready.

Facebook had to curtail the occurrence of such a scene by making a platform where singles can meet themselves and date. As long as one is in the room, it indicates that they are single and ready to date.

Hook-ups and dating just got better with the Facebook singles dating.Β  Fortunately, if you have signed up for Facebook dating, your profile is a private sector; your Facebook friends can not see what is going on in the dating site.

Just like other dating sites, a Facebook dating site is efficient in bringing people together and making their dating processes easier fr them.

The provision made whereby a user can decide which geographical region he/she want his/her date to reside or come from is termed Facebook dating near me.

For most people who do not like a long distant relationship, Facebook dating near me is just the help they need to have a date who they can easily meet, etc.

Hooking up and finding love can be very difficult and frustrating, especially when you don’t know where to begin from.

Facebook Singles Dating Near Me
Facebook Singles Dating Near Me

Then, if you are the very shy type who lacks the boldness to approach the opposite partner and declare your affection, it even becomes worse for you.

Sometimes, you don’t have to search too much for you to find the one you love. Hooking up can be very easy as seeing someone online, being friends with the person, then declaring your interest to the person.

I need to also quickly point out here that irrespective of your age, you can find someone to hook up with, even if you are above 40 years.

In this article, I will be sharing with you how to hook up with Facebook singles above 40.

Let’s get started.

Facebook Singles Over 40

Facebook Singles over 40 involves 2 singles above 40 coming together to build a relationship.

You can also hook up with singles on Facebook through single groups or the dating site on Facebook.

You can also hook with singles on your Facebook friends list, that is if the person is single. You can also find your life partner in singles or dating groups on Facebook.

How to Hook Up to Singles on Facebook

Like I said that you can hook up with single men or women on Facebook dating or singles groups.

To hook up with someone that is single on Facebook single or dating, you just need to access the Facebook group and search for any dating or groups for singles and join.

There you will make your choice on whom you want to hook up with. Then now, hooking up with a single person on your friend list on Facebook is allowed not like before when Facebook was first introduced to us.

Facebook Dating App – How can I download Facebook dating |

All you need to do is to go to your friend list and start a conversation with the person and do all it takes to get his or her attention before you can tell him or her your feelings.

At times after telling the person your feelings he or she may not want a relationship at that time or the person can say β€œNO.”

Please, your attitude matters a lot. In the sense that, the way you will feel after he or she said β€œNO” or β€œYES” to your proposal.

Facebook App

Creating an account via the Facebook app is different from creating an account via the web browser.

You can also access the Facebook app on your system or computer. But you need to download the Facebook app into your system or android device first.

To download the Facebook app, you just need to access any app store on your system or device and search for β€œFACEBOOK” on the search bar and click on the first app.

And click install to download the Facebook app.

How to Create a Facebook Account with Facebook App

Now follow the steps below to create your Facebook account on it.

  • Open the Facebook app after downloading it and click on the sign-up button.
  • Then provide the following details on every box on the sign-up page.
  • After you finally finish filling the boxes, then click on the Create button below.
  • Confirm your account, just as the way you do to the first one. But on this one, the code will not be sent to your email inbox but to your message inbox.
  • Which you need to type in your mobile number while signing up the account. Open the message inbox and copy the code inside the verification box and click verify.

How to Create a Facebook Account with Computer

  • Open your web browser on your system or android device and visit the Facebook website URL on Facebook.
  • You will appear on their sign-up page. There you can create your account.
  • Enter the details and type of your name in your email and create a new password to help secure the account from scams and hackers.
  • Provide your birth rate and select your gender category and tap the sign-up button.
  • A code will be sent to your email inbox. Open the inbox and open the email text.
  • Copy the codes of numbers inside the mail text and paste it inside the confirmation box.
  • Then tap verifies or the OK button at the right corner of the screen.
  • After providing all the information required of you. Facebook will send a welcome notification, that you are now able to access the Facebook social media platform. Now let go on how you can sign up with your Facebook app.


How do I find singles on Fb?

Find singles through Facebook Dating by inputting “Facebook Dating” into the search field on the Facebook platform and selecting the Facebook Dating shortcut. Keep in mind: Dating is only accessible on Facebook apps for Android and iPhone.

Is there a dating platform on Facebook?

If you wish to use Facebook Dating to connect with new people, you can set up a Dating profile. You can engage and send people messages on Dating whenever they engage with you. When someone likes you in return, you’ll match in Dating and be able to start interacting.

Where do single guys hang out?

  • Eateries.
  • gatherings such as concerts.
  • volunteer programs.
  • coffee booths.
  • Dog facilities.
  • The city bus route.
  • sporting occasion.
  • supermarkets.

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