See Hidden Facebook Friends


Managing your friends on the Facebook social media is not a child’s play. It might get difficult reaching to everyone as some of your friends could be hidden. Here, you will be guided on how to see hidden Facebook friends on your account.

See Hidden Facebook Friends

Apart from having to reach out to people you’ve not chatted with for a long while, you might also be skeptical about the people you are chatting with and as well, know his or her kind of person.

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An easy way to know who someone is or what they are capable of is to trace out the person’s friends. Little wonder they say that birds of the same feather flock in the nearest proximity.

Why it is possible for people’s friend’s list to be hidden is because the Facebook site has been through some modifications which enable people to hide their friend lists from someone or the general public at large.

You should note that the major essence of making one’s friend’s list a secret it is usually employed for security reasons. Therefore, when your friend hides their friend’s list, you should know that they are definitely hiding something from you.

It is either they just want a private life on the social media platform or the account is being used for spamming business. Whatever the case may be, you will make way into the hidden friend’s list.

How to see hidden friends on Facebook

We will be looking at five routes through which you can do this, let’s see how;

Route 1: Social Revealer

This route requires the use of a PC that has an active Google Chrome app installed on it. So, you should get these things set and available.

    • Launch Google Chrome web store on your PC
    • Install “Social Revealer“ and open Facebook.
    • Sign in to your account with the appropriate details.
    • Head to the profile of the person whose friend’s list you want to see.
    • Click open the “Social Revealer” extension and search for “See friends” options and click on it.
    • Immediately, a fresh tab loads open showing a list of all the Facebook friends of the targetted Facebook user.

Route 2: Mutual Friend’s user ID

This route is followed through the user ID of a mutual friend you have with the person whom you want access to his/her friend’s list.

    • Get the user Facebook ID of your mutual friend and the person whose friend list you want to ‘a peep’ on the friend’s list.
    • With this URL;, go ahead and view the mutual friends between the two the both of them i.e,  the target and the mutual friend you decided to use.

Route 3: Target’s Timeline

You will need to go through the target’s timeline via your account in this route, let’s see how.

    •  Log into your Facebook account.
    • Head to the target timeline.
    • Tap any image or post of your choice. When this is done, find “fbid =” and copy the number after it but be sure to stop before the “&” character.
    • Open a new tab and paste: “”
    •  In the URL you copied, change the number between “Search /…… / friends”
    • Further, press “enter” to search. The target’s list of hidden friends on Facebook will be displayed.

This is all you should know about how to see hidden Facebook friends. Trust it was helpful. Please SHARE.





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