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facebook timeline review
Facebook timeline review

Facebook is, in fact, the leading social media network in the world. It is used by people all across the world. From Spain to the UK to Zambia.

Most People use the Facebook social network for different purposes, such as entertainment, information sharing, marketing, socializing as well as to educate themselves among other purposes.

The all-new Facebook timeline review is a feature that gives the user freedom as well as control to determine which of their content tagged by others is visible on the user’s timeline.

When a friend tags you in a post on Facebook, it automatically appears on your timeline. If you want to review all posts (including friends’ posts) before they appear on your timeline, you need to turn on Timeline Review.
Keep in mind, if someone you’re not friends with tags you in a post, you’ll be prompted to review it to appear on your timeline, even if you don’t have Timeline Review turned on.

You know that annoying thing where Facebook friends do where they tag you in posts as well as status that does not even concern you in any way.

Facebook timeline review feature enables you to choose what tags can be visible on your timeline and which tags cannot be visible.

Facebook timeline review feature gives you power over everything on your wall, that is, photos, posts, videos as well as comments that you are tagged in at your disposal.

You have the opportunity to review every content you are tagged in before it is made visible on your timeline.

The content will still be available as well as visible to others, just that it will not be visible to your friends and viewers from your timeline.

Facebook timeline review is only suitable and useful for tags, that is, what tags can be visible as well as what tags cannot be visible on your timeline.

How to Use Facebook Timeline Review

Facebook timeline review feature is available on every Facebook account. It is an optional
feature for users.

You can decide to make use of it as well as not make use of it. Using this feature is easy as well as straight forward for all users. Below are steps on how to use the Facebook timeline review:

  1. Log into your Facebook account
  2. To enable the feature click on the down arrow from the right side top corner of your screen
  3. Click on settings and navigate to the timeline and tagging option and click on it.
  4. From the page click on the review, post friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline
  5. Click on enable and save the changes

Timeline review will enable you to review all post, videos, photos as well as comments that you are tagged in before they are published on your timeline.

This feature ensures user privacy by letting the user have control of whatever tags should be visible on their timeline.

Also, you can also choose to add a legacy contact to your account, who looks after your account if it’s memorialized. Your legacy contact will be able to turn off Timeline Review so tagged posts can appear in the Tributes section.

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