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Looking for a very useful Facebook contest manager? A lot of contest managing apps exist today and they can all be used to organise your contests so you get splendid results.

These contests can be hosted via an app and can be promoted on the Facebook platform. Most particularly, on your timeline. So, how do you get to use the most effective contest app tool on Facebook? Here’s how to go about that:

Facebook Contest Manager

Facebook contest manager is a novel application that can easily be utilised for the management of Facebook contests. A lot of these kinds of apps exist and if used correctly, they can be used to organise successful contests. It can be used as an avenue to grow your customers and contacts and while boosting the number of Facebook users engaging in your account on a rapid basis.

Facebook Contest App

A lot of persons might find it difficult to find the most effective Facebook contest app. To save your energy and time, I have compiled the best Facebook Contest Manager app for your perusal.

2022 Facebook ContestΒ 

So which is the best contest application on Facebook in 2022. The list below will enlighten you.



Wishpond allows users to organise as many campaigns as they want with its social contest application. It can also be used for promotion. Users who visit Wishpond are often pleased with the effective tools in the platform. For example, Wishpond has great tools like retargeting ads, email marketing automation and the likes. It is very easy to use the Wishpond app to organise contests. There are helpful templates that users can pick from. Wishpond application is among the most effective contest manager app on the internet.

Heyo Free Contest Builder

A lot of businesses use this Facebook contest apps because of its drag and drop feature. Heyo Free Contest Builder can be used to enhance customer engagement, garner likes and boosts sales conversion. Its template recommendation feature is actually among the best. Heyo is valued by small and medium businesses and other budding entrepreneurs. It thrives on creativity and the plenty of exciting and customisable templates confirms this. You don’t have to look too far for the correct template that matches your brand. You don’t even have a knowledge of coding or programming. Heyo is a fantastic Facebook contest Manager app that everyone should use if they expect a successful contest or promotion for their business.


A spectacular contest manager app that encompasses a lot of features is what AgoraPulse is. For those who are hoping to manage their page on Facebook, AgoraPulse is super beneficial. The app helps you to build apps, promote and evaluate the performance of the app in a simple way. For those looking for an easy application to utilise, look no further. Try AgoraPulse.


Another fantastic contest manager application for Facebook is ShortStack. It will assist you to organise contests, build apps and promote campaign and landing pages. It is easy for business owners to customise their templates and tabs via this contest manager. With this app, you can also include your images and other media files to create attractive promotions. It is a great utility app for result-oriented people.


Woobox is widely used on Facebook. It is a contest app made for mobile use. It may be technical to use, but the result is fantastic. The app also has a great choice of templates for everyone to pick from.

Easy Promos

Fantastic app. Easy promo is free as you don’t need to pay a dime to sample. Users are at liberty to pick any plan that suits them. Whichever is best for you, you are free to pick.

If you’re searching for apps to help you manage your contests on Facebook, now is the time to choose. You can choose any of the apps mentioned above and start your promotion.


How do I manage a Facebook contest?

So let’s start and analyse the steps important to run an effective Facebook contest.

  • Focus on goals.
  • Get familiar with your ideal customers. …
  • Choose a reward.
  • Determine the kind of contest.
  • Select how individuals will participate and create rules. …
  • Determine the time frame.

How can I notify Facebook winners?

Here’s how:

  • Share a Facebook status.
  • Inform winners in the comments section
  • Demand users to share their email addresses
  • Use Twitter
  • Share results on your blog or website.

How do you choose the winner of a Facebook freebie?

You can utilize resources like Comment Picker to select a winner in a random manner. All you need to do is sign into your Fb account, choose your giveaway post and select Start. You may decide whether or not you wish to enable individuals to post multiple times with numerous comments.

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